Baugh Construction



Contractor License # 1070894



Baugh Construction

Owner Abraham Baugh


I started working in construction when I was 14 years old. I started working for family and friends building septic systems, housing pads, and a cabin. I have continued to expand my knowledge and exerience throughout my adult life. My father worked in the trades, as well as my grandfather. They instilled in me a sense of pride in work that is done right and a good strong work ethic.

I love owning my own business and I love the work I do. I am blessed to be able to provide for my family in this way.



"I want to go out there and do a great job. A job that speaks for itself."

Abe Baugh


Baugh Construction strives to be honest, reliable and hard working, with God and integity as a guide.

Business Goals


 We are excited to grow and expand services in 2021. We are committed to providing great service that customers will return to time and time again. No matter how big or small our work is our commitment.